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Timelessness and differentiation

Luxury leather bags

Thanks to a traditional and famous know-how recognized around the world, the French luxury leather goods industry is exported everywhere. Many prestigious French brands have operations in all continents, providing a magnificent showcase window to luxury leather bags made in France.

De Grimm proposes unique and original products, designed throughout the generations by the Massip family since 1945. Nowadays, Olivier - our master artisan saddler-leatherworker with over 30 years of experience - exercises his talents in developing, cutting, mounting, sewing and finishing our range of luxury leather bags for women. He's in charge of our family-owned leather workshop, rooted in the heart of Bordeaux (France), and shares his immense knowledge with apprentices or people in professional reconversion.

Without any subcontracting, using quality material and accessories, De Grimm keeps his product promises with authenticity, for those who are seeking meaning, values, and local in their consumption.