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Discovering DE GRIMM: A Four-Generation Bordeaux Leathercraft Legacy

Since its foundation by Marguerite in 1945, DE GRIMM has transformed from a small venture crafting fabric handbags for loved ones to an icon of luxury leathercraft 'made in France'. Indeed, each generation has left its indelible mark. Maurice, by introducing leather, paved the way for a national presence with the Divona brand. Jean-Claude and Alain, on the other hand, diversified and strengthened the commercial footprint, notably with the opening of a store adjacent to the workshop in 1977. The evolution didn't stop there. Sensing market shifts in the 1990s, the family made the bold choice of positioning themselves in the high-end market, embodied by the birth of the DE GRIMM brand and a strategic location in Bordeaux's prestigious golden triangle. Embracing this new positioning wasn't without its challenges, including increased competition and economic hurdles. But under the leadership of Fabienne Massip, who joined the company following her mother's passing and later acquired it in 2012, DE GRIMM has successfully navigated these challenges. With a management approach centered on transparency, patience, and respecting traditions while embracing innovation – notably digitalization under the impulse of her husband, Cyril Coutzac – DE GRIMM is on an upward trajectory. The company, projecting a turnover of 200,000 euros for the fiscal year ending in August, has a clear vision: preserving artisanal know-how while being a dynamic SME creating jobs.

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