A Key Milestone in Our Success: Awarded in the 'Exceptional Know-How' Accelerated Program as Part of France Relaunch 2030

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Dive into our story as awardees of the first cohort of the 'Exceptional Know-How' Accelerators by BPI, a milestone of our commitment to excellence and innovation within the France Relaunch 2030 plan

We are honored to share a significant achievement in our journey: our selection as awardees of the first cohort of the program "The Accelerated - Exceptional Know-How", a flagship initiative of the French State and Bpifrance. This program is an integral part of the strategic plan "France Relaunch 2030", aimed at promoting the sustainable development of key sectors of the French economy, including the arts and crafts in which we excel through creativity and excellence.

Our company was recognized for its strong development potential and commitment to innovation, allowing us to benefit from 18 months of tailored support. This support includes advice, training, and valuable networking, giving us the tools needed to realize our ambitions and accelerate our growth, both locally and internationally.

Achieving this distinction within the "Exceptional Know-How" Accelerators underscores the exceptional quality of our work and our leadership position in the arts and crafts sector. It also highlights our ability to blend tradition with innovation while projecting us toward the future with structured and sustainable economic development strategies.

Thanks to this program, we have strengthened our positioning and confirmed our seriousness to our financial and commercial partners, thus valuing the management of our company beyond our recognized know-how. This is a key milestone that marks not only our current success but also our ambition for the future.

We invite you to read the complete article on the Connaissance des Arts website to learn more about our journey within this exceptional program and how it contributes to shaping the future of our company in the landscape of arts and crafts in France and beyond.

Find the article written by Hortense ALBISSON for the magazine "Connaissance des Arts," whom we thank for their warm contact. La France investit sur les métiers d'art : 20 nouveaux lauréats pour l'accélérateur « Savoir-Faire d’Exception » (connaissancedesarts.com)

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