Kléo Beauté tests our historical Sellier handbag

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Explore the detailed and passionate appreciation of Kléo Beauté for our DE GRIMM Sellier bag. A sincere testimony illustrating the meeting between excellent craftsmanship and the quest for true luxury.

We are immensely touched and honored by the detailed and sincere praises from Kléo Beauté, a fervent admirer of luxury artisanal leather goods. Her quest for true luxury - which she defines by exceptional quality rather than brand fame or price - led her to our house, De Grimm Bordeaux, where the art of the leatherworker has been perpetuated since 1945.

She discusses with enthusiasm the unique features of our Sellier bag: the superior quality of the leather, the refinement of the Point-Sellier, meticulously chosen accessories, and, of course, the artisanal and local essence of its manufacture. The passion of our craftsman, Olivier Massip, for meticulous crafting and ancestral French know-how is reflected through every detail described in her article.

Kléo Beauté was seduced by our model, particularly in its elegant Rose Magenta shade, which adds a subtle and chic hue to her outfits. She appreciates the discreet yet thoughtful functionality of the bag, combining a minimalist design with practical aspects such as well-arranged interior pockets.

Her frank and sharp analysis, accompanied by splendid photographs, highlights the dedication and mastery we put into each creation. We are infinitely grateful for this feedback that comforts us in our approach and hope it will inspire and reassure those who are looking for a bag that lives up to their aesthetic and qualitative aspirations.

We invite you to discover her complete opinion and to dive into the DE GRIMM universe through her passionate gaze.

De Grimm Bordeaux : Mon Nouveau Sellier {MADE IN FRANCE} | kleo beauté (kleo-beaute.com)

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