Participation in the European Days of Arts' Trades 2018

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DE GRIMM opens his workshop only on appointments between April 3rd and April 8th, in the scope of the European Days of Arts' Trades.

A few dozen people came to the district des Grands-Hommes in Bordeaux between April 3rd and April 8th, curious to visit our luxury leather bags workshop and eager to meet Olivier Massip our Master Artisan. He shared his passion for leather goods making with excellency of know-how that he practiced for himself or for the most prestigious luxury companies in France for over 30 years.

As a member of the prestigious french apprenticeship called "Compagnon du devoir", he transmitted a share of his immense knowledge by demonstrating the famous Point Sellier, a hand sewing technique with a linen thread coated with bee's wax.

Thank you all for the interest you put into our business.

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