DE GRIMM official relay stop of the "Rallye des Pépites" 4th edition in 2018

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DE GRIMM supports women business owners by participating in the 4th edition of the Nuggets' Rally in Bordeaux

Our family business was initially created by a woman in 1945 - Marguerite Massip - and was transferred to her great-grand-daughter Fabienne in 2012. We found right to honor women business owners by participating into this fun treasure hunt as an official relay stop. All day long, disguised teams visited our workshop to compete in little challenges we prepared for them.

We came up with the history of our company and a trick question on an important key date, a quizz to identify various materials used into our leather trade, a quizz on the purpose of certain tools, and a quizz on the names given to our most important bags...

At this little game, the "Serial Curious" team answered flawlessly, and they also won the whole circuit C. We took a toast with them after closing ceremony, at the end of this very intense event.  Congratulations ladies!

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