Reopening of DE GRIMM's workshop - summer 2016

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Watch the video of the installation of DE GRIMM's workshop in the heart of Bordeaux.

Olivier Massip, our Master Artisan of over 30 years experience who undergone the famous apprenticeship "Compagnon du devoir" returned to his hometown Bordeaux at the end of summer 2016. He came with this machines, his tools, and it enabled us to relaunch our workshop with an unrivaled level of quality and finish since our family started the leather goods making business in 1945.

We first had to reinforce the floor of our workshop, located in an historical building in the heart of the golden triangle of Bordeaux. Some of these machines weigh over a ton! We were forced to block traffic for a few hours, and rented the services of a powerful crane to lift them up to the first floor.

This operation of high precision went perfectly well, and we have been making all of our luxury leather items 100% made in France at this address since then.

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