DE GRIMM at Ob'Art Bordeaux trade show from November 9th to 11th at the Hangar 14

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Present at Ob'Art Bordeaux trade-show with a booth on the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region's corner. 

We have but few occasions to show our creations outside our historical shop, so we took great pleasure into encountering several thousands visitors passionated by know-hows of excellency and master artisans.

What a satisfaction to know that our local brand awareness was high as ever! Never we'd had thought inhabitants of Bordeaux of various ages had heard of De Grimm and the Massip family- and this on several generations.

We were happy to share our history and present and line of models in a quality environment that favored communication... It gave us the  idea of trying this again in other cities of France and why not beyond!

Stand De Grimm au salon Ob'art Bordeaux

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